How to Get Inspired

You've seen it at the end of BBC Sport programmes, you've RT or liked a post on social media, you may even have seen one of our features, but what is Get Inspired and, more importantly, what does it have to do with you?

We are a hub of information and resources just waiting to be used. We don't mind who you are, what your fitness level is or where you are in the UK. We don't even mind if you love or hate sport. We're here to give you all the information and motivational tools you need to get moving.

Still unsure? Here are just a couple of ways to use Get Inspired…

1. Find an activity near you

Our Activity Finder has a postcode search to help you find local activities that are free or low cost, in a location near you. You will find the Activity Finder on our homepage as well as on many of our features. The database of activities is growing all the time so make sure you check regularly.

2. Take the first step

Whether you are looking for ways to get more active or you want to try something new, our activity guides can help you find your way. Most sports and physical activities have different variations of the game that you may not have considered before. Our guides give you an overview of different activities, as well as links to help you find out more. New activities pop up all the time so we are constantly updating these pages.

Here are the ten most popular activity guides people are looking at on Get Inspired: Cycling,Running,Football,Swimming,Dance,Motorsport,Gymnastics,Boxing,Tennis,Golf

3. Get social

Want to be more active but not sure where to start? Or maybe you have some advice that might be useful to others? Our Twitter and Facebook accounts are an easy way to talk to folk about activity. We're here to put you in touch with the right person for your enquiry about physical activity - if we don't have the answer, we'll know someone who can help. Chat to us, through our social network.

4. Find stories that will motivate you

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From cigarettes and alcohol to marathon man - Steve Way

People everywhere are getting active every day for different reasons - whether it's for mental health, weight control, to commute, to keep up with their kids or because they love it - we've got loads of stories about all kinds of people doing all kinds of different activities. There is bound to be a story that resonates with you.

On our homepage you'll find the latest stories listed and you can Catch up on what you've missed further down the page.

Here's a list of just some stories that have already inspired others:

"Running saved my Life" - Simon Lamb

The middle-aged champion gymnast;

Ken Bruce gets a lesson in trampoline;

What happens when you speed up golf?;

"Nothing is impossible" - the table tennis star with no arms

5. Improve your game

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Rebecca Adlington helps two One Show viewers overcome their fear of the water

Get Inspired HQ is in the heart of BBC Sport, both physically and metaphorically. Top athletes love their sport, so inspiring people to get active is what a lot of sports personalities are passionate about. This means that when they come to visit the BBC they like to stop by and impart some of their knowledge and experience onto you. Browse the Tips, Hints & Insights section on our homepage where you'll find a wide range of films that could help you.

6. Be the Inspiration

People get inspired in different ways. For some it's finding out how elite athletes achieved their success, for others its hearing about how people like them find the time and motivation to make a change. Tell us, and everyone else, your story. Email or get in touch over Twitter or Facebook and help motivate someone else.

7. Find ways to participate


Throughout the year we find schemes, programmes or campaigns that you can get involved in. Being a part of something bigger than your usual circle can be incredibly rewarding, and the good news is that there are different ways to participate - it could be through social media, playing in a national tournament, or engaging with local schools or communities. Keep an eye out on our homepage for a project that you can sink your teeth into.

8. Promote your events

Promote Your Event Graphic

If you run a not-for-profit or public service organisation who run activities that involve active participation, why not become a partner? The Activity Finder is a hotline to people who want to find out about physical activity near them. If you match the criteria, sign up to be a partner and we'll have your taster sessions, classes and participation events searchable soon.

9. Ideas bank

We're not here to tell you to get active - you've got enough people telling you to do that. We're not even here to tell you how to get active - we're not the experts. But we do have a load of different resources, stories and features for you to spark some of your own motivational ideas.

We know everyone is different and what inspires you is different to the next person. That's why you'll see all kinds of different stories, links, films & information on our website and social media accounts.

Use us selfishly. We like it.