What is Get Inspired?

Get Inspired: Find out how you can get active with our guides and activity finder

Yearning for some inspiration and information to help you get fit and healthy? You've come to the right place!

Get Inspired is your route into countless physical activities across the UK.

Millions of people all across Britain achieve incredible feats through sport and fitness every day, and most of them go completely unnoticed.

Farah Jamil joined Bellahouston Boxing Club in Glasgow just to get fit and now boxes competitively.

But we're proud of lifting the lid on some of them, and want to inspire you to join them.

Being active is crucially important - it doesn't just improve your physical health and fitness, it can really lift your spirits.

Once hooked, who knows where your sporty journey might take you.

'I never thought blind people could play'

Have you watched Andy Murray and wondered where to take up tennis? Were you riveted by Rio and fancied trying an Olympic sport? Captivated by the Lions but don't know how to play rugby?

BBC Sport's new nationwide initiative can help. We want to inspire you to try new sports and activities, through films, features, guides, and links to events and clubs near you.

We have friends across the BBC who are supporting the initiative and showing you how you can get involved.

BBC Breakfast sports presenter Mike Bushell tries barn dance fitness

On our website you can find all the details you need to get started in more than 70 sports, ranging from ice hockey to netball and Gaelic football to golf.

Use the postcode finder to locate clubs and events near to you, or follow the links we provide to find out more from our colleagues at the national governing bodies for each sport.

Don't forget to tell us how you're getting inspired. Have you already tried something new, or gone back to a sport you used to play?

The table tennis coach with Down's Syndrome

Get in touch with us via Twitterexternal-link or email getinspired@bbc.co.uk with your story and photos if you have them. (By sending us a message, you consent to us using the content you supply on our website or in BBC broadcasts.)

Get into sport in your nation

Use these pages to find out more about opportunities in sport according to your home nation: