Get Inspired: How to get into basketball

Boys playing basketball

How do I start?

Find your local club by visiting England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland Basketball Association websites.

What is basketball?

  • A game where two teams compete to score the most points by throwing a ball into their opponents net.
  • Players can move freely around the court, except for the player with the ball who can only move when bouncing or 'dribbling' the ball.
  • All you need to get started is a ball and a hoop and you don't need any special kit - just comfortable clothes and trainers.

Is it for me?

Basketball can be played by people of any age, size or ability and with thousands of outdoor courts across the country - where you can play for free - there's plenty of places to practice if you don't fancy competing with a team.

What to expect when I start?

  • Basketball is a fun, fast and stamina-building sport with players burning up to 600 calories an hour.
  • The sport is a mixture of dribbling, passing and shooting which helps improve balance and co-ordination.
  • With clubs across the country, it's a great way to meet new people and develop teamwork and communication skills and many clubs offer a variety of social events away from the court.
  • Wheelchair Basketball embraces a range of disabilities and is equally as fast paced and exciting as the traditional game. Wheelchair Basketball is a great way of improving upper-body strength and building confidence. British Wheelchair Basketball provide opportunities to play across the UK.

To get you in the mood ...

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Get Inspired: Learn how to spin the ball

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All clubs need a chair, secretary and treasurer to help things run smoothly as well as officials, coaches and judges. Whatever role you're interested in, Join In has opportunities to volunteer in your area.