'Everyone has such a big role to play' - Killeen after positive coronavirus test

Siobhan Killeen
Siobhan Killeen has also represented the Republic of Ireland at international level

Dublin Ladies footballer Siobhan Killeen says she is "doing fine" after testing positive for Covid-19.

Killeen, 27, first experienced symptoms last Sunday, was tested on Monday and received her result on Tuesday.

She is now self-isolating at home and says everyone "has such a big role to play" in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

"We will get through it, once we all play our part. We need to obey the regulations in place," said Killeen.

Killeen is a radiographer at Dublin's Mater Hospital and said she felt ill after taking a sudden turn.

"I got the sweats in the sitting room after working that morning, and a really bad headache," said Killeen.

"I never really got respiratory symptoms, I didn't have difficulty breathing, a sore throat or cough.

"Looking back, I may have coughed once or twice over the weekend, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Up until that point, I was really well, really busy in work but quite active as well.

"I went for a run on the previous Friday, had a training session on my own on the Saturday, and a cycle after work on Sunday morning. I felt good, it wasn't like my energy levels were low."

I feel healthy and well

Killeen rang into work on the Monday morning, was swabbed, and the results on Tuesday revealed that she was positive for coronavirus.

"I'm not an infectious disease expert, I'm just listening to what I'm told," she added.

"I'm working in a hospital and taking the advice of experts, and following suit.

"I'm self-isolating for two weeks from when I first showed symptoms but I'm not thinking too much about that, especially when you're 24 hours in a room.

"I'm taking it day by day and I'm quite well. I'm Covid-19 positive but I feel healthy and well and the hospital have been great."

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