Miami Grand Prix to make Formula 1 debut in May 2022

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer
Miami Grand Prix
The race in Miami will take place around the new 5.4km Miami International Autodrome

The inaugural Miami Grand Prix will be held on 6-8 May next year.

Miami Grand Prix chief executive officer Richard Cregan said the circuit has "our date confirmed with Formula 1".

Miami becomes the second F1 race to reveal its scheduling for 2022 after Silverstone said this month that the British Grand Prix will be on 1-3 July.

F1 president Stefano Domenicali said this week that the 2022 calendar would be published on 15 October.

That is after it has been confirmed by the FIA world motorsport council, the sport's legislative body.

Domenicali has already revealed that F1 is aiming for a 23-race schedule - as was the case this year before a series of cancellations as a result of the pandemic led to a reorganisation of the calendar, and a series of substitute races.

F1 is hoping that all the races that had to be cancelled this year and last - Australia, China, Canada, Singapore and Japan - will be able to return in 2022.

The historic Monaco event has been reduced to a standard three-day weekend next year to allow more flexibility in planning the calendar and to make it easier to run it back-to-back with another event.

The traditional Monaco arrangement, with the first practice day brought forward to a Thursday and a rest day on Friday, made running events on consecutive weekends too demanding.

This year's F1 schedule has still not been finalised, although it is expected to run to 22 races in the end, following the addition of Qatar on 19 November to fill the date left vacant by the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix.

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