BBC Music Day: Formula 1's top 10 tracks

Lewis Hamilton and Jay Z

To mark BBC Music Day, BBC Sport has come up with a top 10 of some of the best full-throttle music.

These tracks were chosen by drivers and BBC Sport users.

Read more about BBC Music Day here.

10. Give it Away - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Fernando Alonso - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Fernando Alonso hasn't had a red hot season in his McLaren, but - having chosen this track - that's seemingly just how he likes his music

9. Demolition Man - Def Leppard

Demolition Man - Def Leppard
An ode to Pastor Maldonando perhaps?

8. Deliver Me - Parkway Drive

Daniel Ricciardo and Parkway Drive
Daniel Ricciardo used to have Parkway Drive lyrics on his helmet and has even sung on stage with the metal band at a festival

7. Supreme - Robbie Williams

Supreme - Robbie Williams
Any music video that features the artist playing Sir Jackie Stewart had to make this top 10

6. One Love - Bob Marley

Lewis Hamilton and Bob Marley
Bob Marley and the title of one of his most famous songs have featured on Lewis Hamilton's helmet in the past

5. Faster - George Harrison

Faster by George Harrison
George Harrison's Faster features an F1 car on the original cover

4. Michael Jackson - Thriller

Max Verstappen and Michael Jackson
An appropriate choice from Formula 1's most exciting driver

3. Corduroy - Ayrton Senna

Corduroy track Ayrton Senna
Naming your song after F1's biggest legend was bound to get you on this list

2. Twist and Shout - The Beatles

Sebastian Vettel and Beatles
The Beatles have a bona fide superfan in four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel - he's spent thousands on Beatles memorabilia

1. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
If you've made it this far, this one shouldn't need explaining