Formula 1: Euro MPs back call for inquiry into 'anti-competitive' sport

The EU Parliament in Strasboug
The EU Parliament's competition report reviews the European Commission's work on competition issues and makes recommendations

Members of the European Parliament have backed a call for an investigation into "anti-competitive practices" in Formula 1.

South East Labour MEP Anneliese Dodds called for an investigation in an amendment to the parliament's annual competition report, which passed by 467 votes to 156, with 86 abstentions.

The European Commission could now launch an inquiry.

Dodds says smaller teams are "unfairly punished" because of the way F1 is run.

She has also previously expressed concerns over the sport's takeover by Liberty Media and its UK tax arrangements.

Dodds pointed to the recent collapse of the Manor team as an example of how the sport is failing some teams.

"Smaller teams are unfairly punished by an uncompetitive allocation of prize money that will always give the biggest teams more money, even if they finish last in every race," she said.

In 2015, two of F1's smaller teams, Force India and Sauber, asked the EU's Competition Commission to investigate the sport due to perceived unfairness over the way revenues were divided and rules decided.