Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg blame each other as Rosberg is penalised

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer
Mercedes F1 driver Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes F1 drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton crashed into each other at Turn Two during the final lap

Nico Rosberg has been penalised for his collision with Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton on the last lap of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Race stewards adjudged Rosberg caused the incident and added 10 seconds to his race time. He retains fourth place.

"They gave me the blame, which sucks," he said. "I'm of a different opinion, but that doesn't help."

Hamilton won the race, after which the team-mates blamed each other for the collision.

Rosberg was also given a reprimand for continuing with a damaged car after the incident and spreading debris on the track.

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The German said: "I was in the battle and I had the strong inside position and I was surprised Lewis turned in where I was."

Hamilton said: "He made a mistake and crashed into me. So I am definitely not at fault there."

BBC F1 analyst Allan McNish, a former F1 driver and three-time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours sportscar classic, said he felt Rosberg was to blame for not turning into the corner when he should have done.

Rosberg's front wing was trapped under his car after crash, meaning he was easily passed by Hamilton

The incident happened as Hamilton was chasing Rosberg down at the end of the race, after he had ended up behind his team-mate despite leading the first 23 laps of the race, thanks to a slow pit stop.

Rosberg suffered a brake problem at the start of the last lap, and ran slightly wide on the exit of Turn One, giving Hamilton the chance to have a run at him into Turn Two.

Hamilton went for the outside as Rosberg defended the inside and was marginally ahead as they got to the corner. But Rosberg did not turn where he would be expected to and when Hamilton did try to make the corner very late, the two collided.

When it was suggested to him that he had pushed Hamilton wide, he said: "For sure I was going a bit deep into the corner because I am trying to defend my position. it is my right to defend there and that's it.

"I was struggling to slow the car. but anyways I am on the inside and it is my position and I have the right to dictate the way."

Hamilton added: "As far as I'm aware, I was ahead, so I'm not really sure. I left a lot of room. I didn't try to close him in or anything like that. I went right to the white line.

"I was on racing line, he was on my blind side, I assumed he was there. I went very wide and, as I started to turn, I was on edge of the track and he collided with me."

Hamilton, who has reduced his deficit in the championship to 11 points ahead of next weekend's British Grand Prix after Rosberg finished in fourth place, also questioned how he had ended up behind Rosberg in the first place.

He had initially been put on a one-stop strategy by Mercedes, who said they had to switch to a two-stop when it became apparent the one-stop would not work.

That was despite Red Bull's Max Verstappen taking second place on a one-stop strategy on which he managed 56 laps on the same 'soft' tyres as Hamilton had done only 31.

Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton
89% of those who voted in our live text commentary poll said Nico Rosberg was to blame for the collision

"That was a little bit disturbing initially," Hamilton said.

"They told me to get to lap 23, and I got to lap to 23. I was on that tyre, they were telling me to stop and I said the tyres still feel good.

"I knew his tyres were 11 laps older than mine and they said he was going to have to stop again and it felt very odd that he came out ahead of me.

"So it was odd he was out again ahead of me. I let it go over my head and kept pushing.

"I though: 'If I am going to win this world title, I am going to have to dig deep. I gave everything I had today. I feel proud I didn't leave any stone unturned."

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