Jenson Button: Father would be furious at my uncertain future

Jenson Button and John Button
John Button (left) died in January, aged 70

Jenson Button says his late father John would be furious that the driver faces an uncertain Formula 1 future.

The Briton's involvement in the sport is in doubt with McLaren yet to make a decision on next year's drivers.

Fernando Alonso will join from Ferrari, and McLaren will choose between Button and team-mate Kevin Magnussen.

"[My dad] would be livid if he knew my circumstances right now," said Button, who finished fifth in Abu Dhabi - potentially his final Grand Prix.

Abu Dhabi GP: Jenson Button insists he 'isn't finished yet'

Button senior watched his son around the world, and was a constant presence on the F1 scene, before his death in January, aged 70. The 34-year-old admits it has been a tough year since.

"Sometimes when you do better, it hurts more if you've lost someone close to you," the 2009 champion said. "Russia was difficult because we progressed and I finished fourth but it was mentally tough as you want to come into the pits and tell someone close to me - and that was my old boy.

"I hope he will be proud but I hope this is not the last time I will be talking to you in F1.

"I haven't got a clue if I will be racing next year. I hope they will make a decision very soon for Kevin and for my sake.

"People have their reasons and I don't have the reasons as to why it takes so long."

Button, from Frome in Somerset, first came into the sport in 2000 and has raced for Williams, Benetton/Renault, BAR/Honda, Brawn where he won the title, and then McLaren.

Jenson Button
Jenson Button has 15 Grand Prix wins to his name

"One race should not change my career or show whether it extends it on Formula 1," he said. "I've not been treating it like a last race. You just focus on what you are doing.

"I always live in the moment but for people around me it's more difficult as they have more time to think about it.

"Nobody knows what will happen. But it's been a real pleasure working with the team."

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