Monaco GP: Sergio Perez should be punched, says Kimi Raikkonen

By Andrew BensonChief F1 writer in Monaco
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Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen said McLaren's Sergio Perez should be "punched in the face" to teach him a lesson after an incident-strewn race in Monaco.

McLaren driver Perez made a series of aggressive overtaking moves, in one of which he collided with Raikkonen.

Asked if the drivers would talk to Perez, Raikkonen said: "That won't help. Maybe someone should punch him in the face."

Perez said: "Kimi put me straight in the wall at the entry to the corner."

The incident gave Raikkonen a puncture, and he dropped from fifth place to finish 10th in a race won by Mercedes' Nico Rosberg.

Perez damaged his front wing in the incident and eventually retired close to the end of the race when his brakes failed.

It is not known whether Perez's brake problem was caused by the number of times he made bold late-braking overtaking moves at the chicane, the corner where he hit Raikkonen.

Perez said: "Kimi did not give me any room at all. I touched the wall on the entry to the corner and I had no room for that.

"It was really, really a big shame. I overtook [team-mate] Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso [of Ferrari], and Jenson overtook me there. You have to give some space.

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"The main issue was the overheating of the brakes so we have to analyse what happened there."

Perez was also criticised by Alonso, who was forced to give a place back to the Mexican after going off track to avoid hitting the McLaren as he was overtaken.

Alonso said: "Really I don't want to make too much attention on this.

"Perez, he has the car parked there in the Rascasse and that is the only comment I can say.

"He was lucky this year with two or three incidents. In Bahrain, he nearly had contact with Jenson, and with me I was off the track to avoid a contact.

"Here I cut the chicane to avoid a contact again. Kimi was not lucky because he didn't avoid the contact and at the end Perez retired. Only McLaren have to be happy with him, the others we just need to do our work."

Button, to whom Perez had to give back a place after passing him and then going off the track at the chicane, said: "I'm not just going to let someone by if they've cut the chicane.

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"There have been some good moves out there by a lot of people. Checo [Perez's nickname] did a really good job with overtaking apart from the last one.

"It was an unusual grand prix and a lot of it was because of the slow pace and we were all bunched up.

"He made a good move when he overtook me, so fair play to him.

"At the start of the race he went over the chicane, and it doesn't matter who it is - if they go straight on you're going to radio it in.

"It was the same with Fernando and Checo. Checo made a good move on Fernando, Fernando went straight and he had to let him pass."