Bahrain Grand Prix: MPs call for sponsors to boycott race

Anti-F1 protests in Bahrain

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Democracy in Bahrain has written to F1 sponsors and urged them to boycott this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix.

The FIA has decided to go ahead with the event despite civil unrest.

Group chairman, Labour MP Andy Slaughter, said: "I think it is a very silly decision they [FIA] have made.

"We sincerely hope you will rethink your associations with the Bahrain Grand Prix and decide to curtail your sponsorship of the race at Sakhir."

Slaughter added: "Nobody can deny the problems we had last year in Bahrain (when the race was cancelled) are continuing. I think that's very clear.

"There is no more reason for going ahead than last year. It is naive to say (it's only about sport)... even if you're not interested in the wider political situation there, there are still humanitarian issues here."