Lewis Hamilton stars in the Disney Pixar film Cars 2

Lewis Hamilton is to be immortalised on screen when he is depicted in the Disney Pixar film Cars 2, which is released in July.

McLaren's 2008 world champion will appear as a race car in the follow-up to the original Cars film, which was a critically-acclaimed box office hit upon release in 2006.

The new film's main character, Lightning McQueen, is voiced by Hollywood star Owen Wilson.

Hamilton, second in Sunday's season-opening Australian Grand Prix, voices his own character.

The film largely follows the story of the topsy-turvy friendship between Lightning McQueen, a star race car, and the tow truck Mater, voiced by United States comedian Larry the Cable Guy.

They head through Japan and Europe on a journey to determine the world's fastest car by competing in the first-ever World Grand Prix, which 'Hamilton' takes part in.

Speaking about the news on Twitterexternal-link on Monday, Hamilton described his animated car character as "wicked".

Pixar said: "The celebrated native Brit continues to bring an exceptional work ethic and soft-spoken confidence to the race course, where his extraordinary achievements speak for themselves via a spotless track record on the junior and professional circuits."

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