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Saturday 31st August

  • AltrinchamAltrincham3Farsley CelticFarsley Celtic1
  • Bradford (Park Avenue)Bradford (Park Avenue)2TelfordAFC Telford United3
  • GatesheadGateshead2Brackley TownBrackley Town0
  • Gloucester CityGloucester City2YorkYork City3
  • GuiseleyGuiseley1Curzon AshtonCurzon Ashton0
  • HerefordHereford0Boston UnitedBoston United0
  • KidderminsterKidderminster Harriers0AlfretonAlfreton Town1
  • Kings Lynn TownKings Lynn Town2DarlingtonDarlington0
  • LeamingtonLeamington2Blyth SpartansBlyth Spartans0
  • SouthportSouthport1Kettering TownKettering Town1
  • Spennymoor TownSpennymoor Town2ChesterChester1

Monday 26th August

  • TelfordAFC Telford United1LeamingtonLeamington3
  • AlfretonAlfreton Town2SouthportSouthport0
  • Blyth SpartansBlyth Spartans1GuiseleyGuiseley4
  • Boston UnitedBoston United5AltrinchamAltrincham0
  • Brackley TownBrackley Town3Gloucester CityGloucester City0
  • ChesterChester4HerefordHereford1
  • Curzon AshtonCurzon Ashton1Spennymoor TownSpennymoor Town1
  • DarlingtonDarlington0Bradford (Park Avenue)Bradford (Park Avenue)1
  • Farsley CelticFarsley Celtic1Kings Lynn TownKings Lynn Town2
  • Kettering TownKettering Town3KidderminsterKidderminster Harriers5
  • YorkYork City1GatesheadGateshead1

Saturday 24th August

  • AltrinchamAltrincham1DarlingtonDarlington1
  • Bradford (Park Avenue)Bradford (Park Avenue)0Blyth SpartansBlyth Spartans0
  • GatesheadGateshead0Farsley CelticFarsley Celtic3
  • Gloucester CityGloucester City3Boston UnitedBoston United0
  • GuiseleyGuiseley2AlfretonAlfreton Town4
  • HerefordHereford1Brackley TownBrackley Town1
  • KidderminsterKidderminster Harriers0ChesterChester1
  • LeamingtonLeamington3Kettering TownKettering Town1
  • SouthportSouthport0TelfordAFC Telford United1
  • Spennymoor TownSpennymoor Town1YorkYork City4
  • Kings Lynn TownKings Lynn Town4Curzon AshtonCurzon Ashton1

Saturday 17th August

  • TelfordAFC Telford United1Kings Lynn TownKings Lynn Town3
  • AlfretonAlfreton Town4Bradford (Park Avenue)Bradford (Park Avenue)0
  • Blyth SpartansBlyth Spartans0HerefordHereford1
  • Boston UnitedBoston United1GuiseleyGuiseley1
  • Brackley TownBrackley Town1AltrinchamAltrincham0
  • ChesterChester4Gloucester CityGloucester City0
  • Curzon AshtonCurzon Ashton0KidderminsterKidderminster Harriers1
  • DarlingtonDarlington2SouthportSouthport0
  • Farsley CelticFarsley Celtic1Spennymoor TownSpennymoor Town0
  • Kettering TownKettering Town1GatesheadGateshead2
  • YorkYork City2LeamingtonLeamington0

Tuesday 13th August

  • AltrinchamAltrincham3AlfretonAlfreton Town2
  • Blyth SpartansBlyth Spartans0YorkYork City3
  • Boston UnitedBoston United1LeamingtonLeamington0
  • Brackley TownBrackley Town1Kings Lynn TownKings Lynn Town1
  • Farsley CelticFarsley Celtic0SouthportSouthport3
  • GatesheadGateshead1Bradford (Park Avenue)Bradford (Park Avenue)1
  • GuiseleyGuiseley3Spennymoor TownSpennymoor Town1
  • HerefordHereford1TelfordAFC Telford United0
  • Kettering TownKettering Town1ChesterChester1
  • KidderminsterKidderminster Harriers2Gloucester CityGloucester City3

Monday 12th August

  • Curzon AshtonCurzon Ashton3DarlingtonDarlington1

Saturday 10th August

  • TelfordAFC Telford United0GatesheadGateshead0
  • AlfretonAlfreton Town3Blyth SpartansBlyth Spartans0
  • Bradford (Park Avenue)Bradford (Park Avenue)0KidderminsterKidderminster Harriers3
  • ChesterChester2Farsley CelticFarsley Celtic1
  • DarlingtonDarlington3Kettering TownKettering Town0
  • Gloucester CityGloucester City1AltrinchamAltrincham1
  • Kings Lynn TownKings Lynn Town3HerefordHereford1
  • LeamingtonLeamington1Curzon AshtonCurzon Ashton1
  • SouthportSouthport3GuiseleyGuiseley0
  • Spennymoor TownSpennymoor TownPBoston UnitedBoston UnitedP
    Match postponed - Other
  • YorkYork City1Brackley TownBrackley Town0

Wednesday 7th August

  • DarlingtonDarlington1GatesheadGateshead1

Tuesday 6th August

  • TelfordAFC Telford United2KidderminsterKidderminster Harriers0
  • AlfretonAlfreton Town1Boston UnitedBoston United1
  • Bradford (Park Avenue)Bradford (Park Avenue)0GuiseleyGuiseley5
  • ChesterChester1AltrinchamAltrincham1
  • Gloucester CityGloucester City0HerefordHereford2
  • Kings Lynn TownKings Lynn Town2Kettering TownKettering Town1
  • LeamingtonLeamington2Brackley TownBrackley Town0
  • SouthportSouthport0Curzon AshtonCurzon Ashton0
  • YorkYork City0Farsley CelticFarsley Celtic0

Saturday 3rd August

  • AltrinchamAltrincham1YorkYork City3
  • Blyth SpartansBlyth Spartans1Gloucester CityGloucester City2
  • Boston UnitedBoston United1ChesterChester1
  • Brackley TownBrackley Town1AlfretonAlfreton Town0
  • Curzon AshtonCurzon Ashton5Bradford (Park Avenue)Bradford (Park Avenue)0
  • Farsley CelticFarsley Celtic3DarlingtonDarlington1
  • GatesheadGateshead0SouthportSouthport0
  • GuiseleyGuiseley3Kings Lynn TownKings Lynn Town0
  • HerefordHereford2Spennymoor TownSpennymoor Town2
  • Kettering TownKettering Town2TelfordAFC Telford United1
  • KidderminsterKidderminster Harriers2LeamingtonLeamington2

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