Italian Serie A Table


1team has moved upNapoli11004313Won 4 - 3 against Fiorentina on August 24th 2019.
2team has moved upJuventus11001013Won 1 - 0 against Parma on August 24th 2019.
3team has moved downAtalanta00000000
4team has moved downBologna00000000
5team has moved downBrescia00000000
6team has moved downCagliari00000000
7team has moved downGenoa00000000
8team has moved downInter Milan00000000
9team hasn't movedLazio00000000
10team hasn't movedLecce00000000
11team hasn't movedAC Milan00000000
12team has moved upRoma00000000
13team has moved upSPAL00000000
14team has moved upSampdoria00000000
15team has moved upSassuolo00000000
16team has moved upTorino00000000
17team has moved upUdinese00000000
18team has moved upHellas Verona00000000
19team has moved downFiorentina100134-10Lost 3 - 4 against Napoli on August 24th 2019.
20team has moved downParma100101-10Lost 0 - 1 against Juventus on August 24th 2019.

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