Brazilian Série A Table


1team hasn't movedAthletico Paranaense00000000
2team hasn't movedAtlético Mineiro00000000
3team hasn't movedAvaí00000000
4team hasn't movedBahia00000000
5team hasn't movedBotafogo00000000
6team hasn't movedCSA00000000
7team hasn't movedCeará00000000
8team hasn't movedChapecoense00000000
9team hasn't movedCorinthians00000000
10team hasn't movedCruzeiro00000000
11team hasn't movedFlamengo00000000
12team hasn't movedFluminense00000000
13team hasn't movedFortaleza EC00000000
14team hasn't movedGoiás00000000
15team hasn't movedGrêmio00000000
16team hasn't movedInternacional00000000
17team hasn't movedPalmeiras00000000
18team hasn't movedSantos00000000
19team hasn't movedSão Paulo00000000
20team hasn't movedVasco da Gama00000000

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