Uefa referees boss calls for offside rule clarity after contentious Kylian Mbappe goal

Mbappe fires past Simon
Mbappe was adjudged to be onside when he slid the ball under Spain goalkeeper Unai Simon

Uefa's chief refereeing officer has met with Fifa and the International Football Association Board (Ifab) regarding the offside rule.

Fresh debate over the rule was sparked by Kylian Mbappe's controversial goal for France against Spain on Sunday.

Roberto Roseti says Uefa believes there are ways to improve the rule's wording "for the spirit of the game".

"Anthony Taylor made a correct decision based on the existing law and its official interpretation," said Roseti.

France striker Mbappe was in an offside position but was played onside after Spain defender Eric Garcia made slight contact with the ball when he stretched to intercept Theo Hernandez's pass.

The goal - which won France the Nations League - stood because Garcia's touch created a new phase of play with Fifa's rules stating "a player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball... is not considered to have gained an advantage".

While Roseti said Taylor made the correct decision, he believes there are ways in which the game's lawmakers can improve the rules.

"However, this case shows us that the current interpretation of the law appears to be in conflict with the spirit of the law itself, which is to prevent any player from taking advantage from their offside position.

"Uefa's stance is that there are ways to improve the wording to bring it into line with the aim of the offside law and of the spirit of the game."

Ifab is due to hold a technical advisory panel meeting on 27 October.

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