Tottenham to introduce fan representation on club's board

Tottenham fans protest against the proposed European Super League
Tottenham fans held protests against the club's owners in the wake of their involvement in the proposed European Super League

Tottenham are to introduce a 'Club Advisory Panel' which will allow supporters to sit on the club's board.

Spurs were one of 12 teams to join the controversial European Super League (ESL), only to withdraw following a furious backlash.

Tottenham say they "wholeheartedly regret" the decision to join the ESL.

A club statement said representation on the board would "ensure fans are at the heart of club decision-making, something we greatly welcome".

The statement added: "We have all learnt lessons from recent events and have reviewed fan engagement as a priority. As a result we shall be liaising with key stakeholders and establishing a Club Advisory Panel."

The panel, set up as the fallout from their involvement in the proposed ESL continues, will comprise of elected representatives from different areas of the fanbase and will be "inclusive and reflective of our fans' diversity".

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust (THST) had urged the club's board to resign after their involvement in the proposed breakaway league, something the club say will not happen.

Spurs said they have tried to meet with the trust, who are so far refusing and have appointed the Football Supporters' Association to mediate in any talks.

"We are disappointed that the board of the THST has not yet met with the club," said the Spurs statement.

"The THST, with whom we have worked and, indeed, promoted, for 20 years has called for the resignations of the Executive Board over the ESL - individuals who have lived and breathed this club for the best part of two decades.

"We have offered on several occasions to meet board-to-board and discuss an open agenda - excluding a change of club ownership and the resignation of the board. Our door remains open on this basis."

In a statement the THST said it had approached the Football Supporters' Association to mediate in its dispute with the club.

"We need guarantees that any further meetings [with the club] will not be undermined by secret negotiations and behind-the-scenes plots, and that fan views will not be ignored," the statement said. "Supporters must have confidence that any discussions are being conducted genuinely and in good faith.

"We are happy to discuss why we think resignations are necessary, and to hear the club's view on who should be accountable for what has happened. But we cannot pretend that business as usual is an option.

"Our commitment to dialogue cannot be doubted.

"We encourage the club to accept the proposals for mediation and begin to address the issues it has with its fans. That needs to happen sooner rather than later. Once that meeting happens, we will consult our membership on our next steps."

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