Andrea Agnelli: Juventus chairman stresses European games key for football future

By Simon StoneBBC Sport
Andrea Agnelli says Europe's biggest clubs are protecting their interests against new plans for revamping European competition
Andrea Agnelli heads up Juventus and the European Clubs' Association

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli says "more European games" are key to attract football fans of the future - but stopped short of endorsing a breakaway European Super League.

Agnelli is head of the European Clubs' Association, which is leading the talks over Champions League reform from 2024.

BBC Sport was told in October that talks have taken placed to create a 'members only' Super League.

"We should remember where the fans of the future are going," Agnelli said.

"It is our strong view that more European matches are welcome."

The prospect of a European Super League has been met with opposition from football's leading governing bodies, amid concerns that it will be a threat to the Champions League.

Fifa, the world governing body, said last week that any players who compete in a European Super League would be barred from international competitions.

A BBC poll in December suggested that almost half of younger fans would support the idea of such a league, though.

Agnelli, speaking during an online address to the e-Think Sport Conference, purposely did not mention the European Super League, but did talk about how football needed to face the future.

"Do we want to approach the future with a nostalgic or progressive view?" he said.

"We can think about the fans of the future or protect what we have always had. I think it is our duty to think ahead and ensure football remains the best sport in the world."

But Agnelli also suggested that a breakaway 'members only' competition was not on his agenda.

He said: "Competitions at European level should be open to all. Everything should be based on sporting matters. We must keep the dream alive."