Aberdeen: Cross-border or European league 'within 10 years' - Dave Cormack

By Tyrone SmithBBC Scotland Sport

Scottish clubs could be playing in a cross-border or European league "within 10 years", Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack believes.

Cormack revealed the recent Atlantic League proposals that also included Scandinavian and Irish clubs are "dead" after Celtic pulled out.

However, he says Scottish clubs playing on a another platform is inevitable.

"If there's a significant amount of money on the table it should be looked at," Cormack said.

"We'll stick our heads in the sand if we don't think there's going to be cross-border leagues or European super leagues with divisions. What we have to do as a country, as a group of clubs, is be at the table looking at these opportunities."

Cormack told Aberdeen's annual meeting that it was "critical that all clubs in the SPFL discuss and contemplate what lies ahead".

But he says the club would not join another league without a full consultation first with their supporters.

"There's no doubt that, in particular, Celtic - and I don't blame them - they would like a bigger platform to play on," said Cormack. "With Scottish football, getting to a consensus can be a difficult challenge.

"To look at it selfishly from an Aberdeen perspective, I don't want us to sit back and wait for the crumbs off the table from something that we had no input into.

"People have talked recently about British leagues. So, for example, if Celtic and Rangers went off to the English Premier League, where does that leave the rest of us? Are we playing Exeter? Plymouth? Where do we go and would our fans want that?

"It's healthy to have a discussion and a debate over what might be and we need to do more of that as Premiership clubs and clubs in Scotland."

'Hernandez deal hasn't work out' - McInnes

Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes believes a deal can be done to move on Venezuelan full-back Ronald Hernandez.

The 23-year-old moved to Pittodrie in January for a significant six-figure fee but has played just 220 minutes in the first team.

"He is a brilliant boy and I am disappointed that he hasn't been able to force his way into the team, but I do think the change of shape has gone against him because we feel we have more attacking players than what Ronny is as a wing back," McInnes said.

"There were other interested parties at the time and there still are and we are confident that any investment in this deal by our club will be recouped and January may be an opportunity to do so with that."

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