Queensland Lions goalkeeper says 'I do' and stars in semi-final win on the same day

Luke Borean of Lions FC
Borean celebrated his marriage to new wife Ellen with a semi-final win for Queensland Lions

Your wedding is one of the most important days you will ever experience. But what would you do if your football team reached a semi-final on the same date?

That's the position Queensland Lions FC goalkeeper Luke Borean found himself in on Saturday, when the happiest day of his life clashed with the Lions' biggest game of the season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rather than disappoint either his new wife Ellen Hepburn or team-mates, Borean decided to go straight to the game after tying the knot, with the newlyweds arriving at Peninsula Power's ground in a Ferrari - and their full wedding outfits.

"There were definitely some open mouths - [the team] were genuinely shocked," Lions coach Darren Sime told ABC newsexternal-link in Australia.

Borean's difficult decision came about when the National Premier Leagues Queensland season was delayed for several months because of the global pandemic.

When the Lions - who play in the second tier of the NPL - qualified for the semi-finals, Sime and his staff thought their star keeper would miss the game to attend his wedding instead.

"He turned up, fairly nonchalantly, at training on the Tuesday," Sime said. "And I said I'd need him to help prepare [reserve keeper] Ryan Murphy for the match.

"He just said: 'Ah don't worry about that Simsey, it's under control.'"

With his understanding wife watching from the stands, Borean, 30, pulled off a spectacular save as the Lions beat Peninsula Power 4-1 to set up a grand final meeting with Brisbane Olympic.

"Obviously the club would never, ever stand in the way of a player's wedding," said Sime. "You have to celebrate those moments.

"But they chose to celebrate that moment with us, which we're really thankful for."

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