Tyrone Mings: Black FA chairman would be 'huge step' in fight for equality

Clarke's remarks show we still have a long way to go – Mings

Appointing a black man or woman as the next Football Association chairman would be a huge step forward, says England defender Tyrone Mings.

Greg Clarke resigned on Tuesday after using "unacceptable" language when referring to black players.

Asked what it would mean to have a black man or woman as chairman, Mings said: "Of course it would be a huge step. It would be everything that a lot of people have worked for.

"We're not necessarily asking for the next chairman or chief to be black," Aston Villa's Mings added: "What we're asking for is equal opportunities for both black and white people, or ethnic minorities."

Clarke said his comments, made in front of a government select committee, were a "disservice to our game".

He was also criticised for comments he made referring to gay players making a "life choice" and a coach telling him young female players did not like having the ball hit hard at them.

Mings was involved in the creation of the FA's Football Leadership Diversity Code, which was launched in October.

He said Clarke's comments showed there is still "a long way to go" in dealing with equality and diversity.

"Absolutely, the goal is to have more representation at managerial and coaching levels," Mings said.

"I think that's what we're trying to create with the code and I think that's what will give us real lasting change.

"There's no point placing someone there, them failing and then saying, 'Oh, we tried'. It's about how can we improve the process."

England play the Republic of Ireland, Belgium and Iceland between 12 and 18 November.

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