Southampton play their 'Trump' card - top tweets from the weekend's football

On a big weekend of football, Southampton went top, Klopp fumed about scheduling, everyone made the same jokes about the US election and Chorley FC revealed their love for Adele.

Here are some of the social media highlights from the weekend's footballing action.

1. Southampton in presidential form

The world was a very different place on Friday night, when we were still waiting for confirmation of the new president of the United States and when Southampton Football Club, after beating Newcastle United 2-0, were top of the Premier League.

Unfortunately, for Southampton, and another erstwhile surprise challenger Trump, events have moved on. The weekend's action still leaves the Saints in a very respectable fourth place.

2. Everyone makes the same joke about the election

A torturous wait for a supposedly scientifically robust decision that both sides will be bitterly disputed anyway… all sounds quite familiar, doesn't it?

Vinnie Jones even offered his take on politics in the US.

It was important for Joe Biden and Donald Trump to take hold of the Rust Belt if they were to succeed in their campaigns. This is a classic image of our Vinnie taking hold of something a little below the belt.

3. And that wasn't even the most controversial decision of the weekend

Nope, as usual, just when you think VAR can't shock us any more, we get this ruling. Patrick Bamford's goal for Leeds in their defeat against Crystal Palace was disallowed after he was ruled offside for pointing to where he wanted the pass.

4. Silly season

Aston Villa took another impressive scalp, beating Arsenal 3-0 on the road on Sunday. Four Seasons Total Landscaping may be fully booked right now, so they may have had to rearrange the venue for the celebration.

Not that we like to explain our jokes, but, in case you missed it, the Republican Party held a press conference over the weekend at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. Not the upmarket hotel chain, as one might expect, but a small, local garden centre.

5. Power Bal-LADS

If anyone ever tries to tell you that the 'magic of the cup' is not a thing any more, feel free to refer them to this video of Chorley FC players belting out some Adele in the dressing room, following their first-round FA Cup win over 2013 winners Wigan Athletic.

You can also throw this fact in, for extra weight. Incidentally, have we had another butcher in English football since Terry Butcher?

6. Jose's Instagram continues to be the best thing on the internet

Tottenham Hotspur's win over West Bromwich Albion on Sunday takes them up to second in the league, with a title challenge mounting. Jose Mourinho is clearly not getting carried away just yet. As the players celebrate in the background, here he is, asking some social media admin to film him while he cleans his new shoes - all in the name of 'content'.

7. An insight into the mind of a genius

The great tactician must be enjoying familiar territory back in the upper echelons of the league table. What kind of masterplan was he sketching out from the dugout on Sunday?

Draft 1.

Draft 2.

8. Everton stand with Rashford

Manchester United travelled to Merseyside on Saturday and beat hosts Everton 3-1. Fans of the Toffees sent out this message of solidarity to Marcus Rashford before the game - in support of his campaign on free school meals.

9. Accidental James Bond

Harry Maguire had a penalty appeal turned down by VAR in that game, which is unfortunate for him, but did give birth to this grade-A tweet.

10. Klopp fumes at Premier League scheduling

Most pundits' two title favourites, Liverpool and Manchester City, faced off at the Etihad on Sunday and came away with a 1-1 draw.

After the game though, the managers mostly wanted to talk about congested fixture lists.

Jurgen Klopp was not happy after Trent Alexander-Arnold went off injured in the second half - blaming it at least partially on the number of games in a short space.

And Pep Guardiola agreed with Klopp's position.

Alexander-Arnold's injury rules him out of action during the international break and leaves England with a meagre choice to pick from at right-back that only includes… wait, Kieran Trippier, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Kyle Walker, Reece James and more. Oh.

11. Real defence work for the same goal

Real Madrid were thrashed 4-1 by Valencia on Sunday, with a hat-trick of penalties. Always good to see a backline pulling in the same direction.

12. Go on, you won't be disappointed

David Beckham has given himself some big boots to fill. If anyone can though, it's our Golden Balls.

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