Jose Mourinho: Why the Tottenham boss is the best thing on Instagram right now

By Ciaran VarleyBBC Sport

Jose Mourinho's recent activity on Instagram is giving us life.

He's been on the platform for a while now, but it feels like he's only really begun using it with vigour in the past few weeks.

And his brand of grumpy remonstrance, dad jokes and cryptic musings have been a refreshing antidote to the personal promotions, thirst traps and motivational memes that can clog our timelines.

It seems like Mourinho has really found a platform to showcase different aspects of his labyrinthine personality.

Mourinho the grumpy disciplinarian

This was Mourinho throwing his players under the proverbial, if not literal, bus after a shock defeat by Royal Antwerp in the Europa League on Thursday.

This is shades of the Mourinho who claimed one of his best achievements in football was taking a mediocre Manchester United to second place in the Premier League, who said he had to do Luke Shaw's thinking for him, and who had frosty times with players such as Paul Pogba and Sergio Ramos.

This Mourinho became a meme earlier in the year for the way he looked up over his specs and reacted to people criticising him during the documentary All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur.

Image from All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur - Mourinho looks annoyed as Sky Sports pundits criticise him
The face that launched a thousand memes

Anyway, we want to know who he made take the picture on the team bus.

Mourinho the normal one

This is a softer Mourinho - one we've become more a bit more accustomed to. He's more approachable than the person who once poked then Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova in the eye, for sure.

And here he is letting his fans see him in a less combative moment - just chilling out in his comfies and catching a movie - like one of us mortals might do.

There was some speculation as to what he was watching.

Split screen: Left: Mourinho watches film on plane, right: Ole Gunnar Solksjaer in training
Was he checking up on his successor?
Split screen: Left: Mourinho watches film on plane, right: an instructional YouTube video on leaving jobs
Someone else suggested he was already eyeing the exit

Mourinho the bemused dad

This is perhaps our favourite version of Mourinho these days - the kind-of-bemused dad who can't understand why these young ones can't get their heads out of their phones for a minute and probably says things like "I thought TikToks were those little mints" or "Drake? Isn't that a kind of duck?"

Mourinho the cryptic poet

Quite often, usually when he's annoyed, Mourinho will come out with some piece of contrived rhetoric that may be designed to sound profound and wise, but can be a bit confusing.

He also clearly has some personal, mystic belief system revolving around the number three. Remember this outburst, when he was at Manchester United, about the three Premier League titles he's won?

'Respect! Respect! Respect!' - Mourinho walks out of news conference

Mourinho the measurer

Before Tottenham's Europa League play-off victory against Shkendija in September, Mourinho successfully complained to Uefa about the size of the goalposts at the stadium in North Macedonia.

What we really love about this is the idea he was so annoyed he insisted on roping in Hugo Lloris and a club photographer to really emphasise his grievance.

Never change, Jose.

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