Sean Dyche: Players 'screaming' to win penalties in empty stadiums

Sean Dyche
Burnley have not yet been awarded a penalty this season

Burnley manager Sean Dyche says some players are "squealing and screaming" to win penalties to take advantage of there being no fans in stadiums.

The Clarets have yet to be awarded a penalty in the Premier League this season, having played four games.

And Dyche feels his side should been given one in Monday's goalless draw with West Brom for a "clear push in the back" on Kevin Long.

"I've seen so many given this season which are nothing moments," he said.

"The new one now is the feigning of injury and people squealing and holding their face. And the referee because of the empty stadiums you can scream and yelp and that seems to find a way of making the referee think differently.

"I'm not talking about gamesmanship that has been there forever. You get tripped in the box and go down, there's been clever strikers forever.

"But now you have blatant cheating, you have blatant feigning of injury, people squealing and screaming."

Figures released in June showed that Burnley had won the fewest penalties in Europeexternal-link in the previous three years - only four in 105 games.

The Clarets have taken one point from their first four matches, and host Tottenham at Turf Moor in their next match on Monday.

Dyche said in the West Brom game, defender Long suffered a "clear push in the back" but believed a penalty was not given because the Republic of Ireland international tried to stay on his feet.

"They [his players] go down honestly and not with their arms flying and rolling around, then we don't get them," Dyche added.

"Would I tell my players to be wiser and fall in a certain way? No.

"Now I've got to talk about my players to not be naive and fall on the floor and possibly squeal. Bizarre in my view, but that's the way football is at the moment."

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