James Anderson: Scottish football donations can help deprived communities

Glebe Park, home of Brechin City
Every team in the four-tier SPFL has received money from James Anderson's donation

James Anderson says one of the reasons he invested in Scottish football was to help "suffering, smaller towns".

The Edinburgh-based fund manager gave over £3m to the men's senior game and £250,000 for women's football as well as donating £300,000 at youth level.

All 42 SPFL clubs received a £50,000 Covid-19 crisis grant from the money gifted by Mr Anderson.

He described football as one of the "few institutions that cross the boundaries of society at the moment".

In an interview with Bloombergexternal-link, the partner at Baillie Gifford added: "I'd estimate more broadly, that that is also one of few lifestyles, hobbies, sports that is able to provide an outlet in deprived, suffering, smaller towns, and we certainly have many of those.

"We think it's pretty important to be doing this for women's sport and youth sport at the same time, so it's not just simply about the professional game - obviously though high profile and popular that is.

"We are strongly of the view that these are some of the most important institutions to maintain and to try and help develop them."

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