Lee Power: Swindon Town chairman fears some clubs may not reach next season

Swindon Town chairman Lee Power
Lee Power took full ownership of Swindon Town in 2013

Swindon Town chairman Lee Power fears "30-40%" of League One and Two clubs may not make it to the start of next season without further financial aid.

League Two sides, many struggling with the financial effects of coronavirus, opted to end the campaign early.

"Unless there's some help from higher up the food chain, there's going to be a number of clubs that won't see the start of [next] season," Power said.

Swindon were second when the season was suspended and are set to be promoted.

Speaking to BBC Radio Wiltshire, he continued: "As owner and chairman, you have to start looking at how you budget and work towards what looks like a September start and how you're going to get there.

"A number of CEOs and owners of football clubs in Leagues One and Two have had these discussions and it's a simple fact that 30-40% of us won't get there unless there's some help.

"It's a very difficult job and the EFL work very hard on this along with the FA. They're trying to find solutions and I'm sure they will come up with one."

Friday's decision to end the League Two season early still needs to be ratified by the English Football League and the Football Association.

League One sides are still to come to an agreement about the outcome of their season, after some clubs said they were determined to complete their remaining fixtures.

Power continued: "There have been a number of issues that need to be resolved, ie the finishing of this season, which as a collective we have done in League Two.

"Now the focus needs to be on how everyone gets through to the start of next season and I think that's going to be a lot more difficult than resolving the final league positions we've had to do in League Two."

Power says Swindon have lost a significant amount of money from not being able to play fixtures during the lockdown.

He said an exact figure was "difficult to quantify" but added: "It's well into its millions, not hundreds of thousands, of cash flow that has been lost.

"We thought we would get double-digit attendances for the last few games at the County Ground and this virus has struck while we're in the middle of season ticket sales.

"We now have a situation between now and September where there's still no more income but players are being paid.

"Everyone is aware of it in the EFL and in football, but it's trying to find a solution to keep everyone going."