Keith Wyness: Former Aberdeen CEO says Scottish football will go down to two leagues after shutdown

Wyness (right), served as Aberdeen chief executive for three years before holding similar roles at Everton and Aston Villa
Wyness (right), served as Aberdeen chief executive for three years before holding similar roles at Everton and Aston Villa

Scottish football will be reduced to a maximum of two leagues after the coronavirus shutdown, says former Aberdeen chief executive Keith Wyness.

Football has been suspended since 13 March with clubs facing an uncertain financial future.

Wyness, who spent three years at Aberdeen until 2004, believes many sides will not survive the shutdown.

"I do think there is going to have to be a complete recalibration, looking to one or two leagues maximum," he said.

"I think that is going to be the financial reality.

"This has made everybody look at themselves starkly and realise that things may not go on or come back as normal."

After the controversial ballot to end the lower-league season, clubs have criticised one another and the SPFL during the shutdown.

Rangers' attempt to force an independent investigation into the process was voted down at an EGM, while league reconstruction talks collapsed leading to more anger among some clubs.

Wyness, who was also chief executive at Everton and more recently Aston Villa, believes the current crisis is an opportunity for Scottish football to "reset", or risk collapsing altogether.

The 62-year-old says that includes redistributing wealth more evenly to create an enticing spectacle.

"Clubs like the Old Firm, and the top major clubs have got to really think about trying to divide the spoils of the game properly and equally," Wyness told BBC Scotland.

"So that overall we try and get a more balanced league, a more competitive league- that is what is going get people back in again.

"It is going to take some big men, some big women to do it and a real view of what is going to be best for the future, because now it really is make or break for the game.

"We have been repeating this problem with the same fault lines appearing in Scottish football every decade, but now we have got to really face up to it and realise that the whole thing could be lost completely. If it isn't going to happen now, it will never happen.

"If it just carries limping along then we are going to be content to repeat the same mistakes and gradually go with a long, lingering and painful death."

You can listen to the full interview with Keith Wyness on Sportsound from 14:00 BST on BBC Radio Scotland.

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