Irish Premiership: 'Every club deserves chance to finish season' - Linfield defender Casement

Casement expects Premiership campaign to be completed

Linfield defender Chris Casement says all Irish Premiership clubs deserve the chance to complete the 2019-20 season which has been halted by coronavirus.

The most recent top-flight games were played on 7 March, with Linfield having a four-point advantage over Coleraine with seven rounds of games remaining.

"The league has made it clear they will try everything in their power to finish the remaining games which is completely understandable," said Casement.

"Everyone wants to see it finished."

"The fans have paid money for season tickets so they are entitled to see the whole of the season," added Casement.

"Each club deserves the opportunity to play their final seven matches to see how everything pans out at the top and bottom of the table.

"There is a united resolve to complete the season, whenever that may be."

'A massive knock-on effect'

The unpredictability surrounding the current Covid-19 health pandemic make it difficult to forecast a timescale when it will be possible for Irish League action to resume.

"If this season is not finished until August/September time then there is obviously a massive knock-on effect not just for the domestic game, but also for the start of European club competition," said the 32-year-old.

"That's for the authorities to sort out though, those who are in charge of the leagues. If we end up having to play behind closed doors then we will have to be adaptable and professional.

"In the meantime we are sticking to the training regimes the club send out just to keep us ticking over.

"There are a lot more important things going on in society at this point in time but when you are training for something and you don't know when you will be returning it is mentally tough."

Coaching the fundamentals online

In addition to playing for the league champions, Casement visits primary schools across Northern Ireland as part of a soccer school - but is having to adapt his coaching to the changed circumstances by making online videos for children.

"I received texts from a couple of teachers asking if I could upload a couple of videos to keep kids in contact with football," explained the ex-Portadown defender.

"I have put up a few ideas to keep them busy and help them get that exercise that we all need - just fundamentals like footwork and technique. The feedback has been good."

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