WSL players during lockdown - quizzes, DJ sets & bedtime stories

By Emma SandersBBC Sport
Women's football players on social media
A number of WSL players have been keeping fans entertained on social media during the coronavirus crisis

Team yoga on Zoom, baby photo quizzes, DJ sets from the kitchen and bedtime stories - just a few of the things Women's Super League players have been doing during the coronavirus lockdown.

With no football being played, WSL players have been creative in finding ways to keep themselves fit and entertained at home.

Here's what they have been up to...

Workout videos, Adele and 'Obvious Jill'

Demi Stokes Instagram
England international Demi Stokes has been posting workout videos on her Instagram account

Manchester City's Jill Scott has been entertaining fans with her 'Obvious Jill' skills videos on social media, encouraging supporters to work on their touch, control and dribbling.

"I've really enjoyed them. I love the feedback I get and knowing [the fans] have enjoyed it," Scott told BBC Sport. "There have been so many people messaging and saying they have been doing the sessions.

"There are schools which have still got key workers and children going in and they have been doing them as PE lessons."

Scott has also been following team-mate Demi Stokes' workout videos on Instagram and says the defender has been "taking it easy on everyone".

"I was watching Demi's workout video and I thought 'right, come on Jill, you're going to have to pull it out of the bag because she is looking in good shape at the minute,' said Scott.

"She was telling me she was doing lunges with 60kg on her back the other day!"

And City teenager Lauren Hemp has paired up with on-loan Everton defender Esme Morgan to perform their favourite songs on Twitter with a microphone and a keyboard - including a few hits from Adele.

Live gym sessions & GPS tracking

Brighton are using GPS trackers to monitor the players' fitness and defender Felicity Gibbons says they "complete their gym programmes together on a Zoom call" four times a week.

"It's obviously completely different to anything we've done before," Gibbons told BBC Sport. "It was very funny to hear that the staff wanted us to go live and video our gym workouts at home, but actually, we've all done it."

And to prevent players from overtraining, manager Hope Powell says: "We do this through GPS tracking, filling in questionnaires about their wellbeing and general health and the online video conferences that they have with the medical team."

Baby photos, quizzes and potatoes

Rachel Furness and Rinsola Babajide
Rachel Furness (left) and Rinsola Babajide (right) used these baby photos for a squad quiz on Zoom last week

Liverpool's players and staff have kept in touch via Zoom.

Manager Vicky Jepson says there has been no technical problems but she has been tempted to imitate a picture which went viral on social mediaexternal-link of a boss turning herself into a potato during a staff meeting.

"The players are good with [Zoom] and they have a right laugh," Jepson told BBC Sport. "The problem is trying to hear yourself think when they all start talking on it. They rip into each other and then Kirsty Linnett starts singing..."

Midfielder Rachel Furness and forward Rinsola Babajide hosted a music quiz for the squad last week and Liverpool also had a baby photo quiz and team yoga on Zoom.

Furness said it was clear she had a "completely different" taste in music to Babajide.

"I had a lot of old school music and well, Rinsola's was more up to date, let's put it that way," Furness told BBC Sport. "A lot of 'I have no clue' was spoken when we played Rinsola's.

"The majority of the team, including the staff, did very well. Courtney Sweetman-Kirk won by a landslide so she's clearly up to date with every type of music.

"I won't call out who didn't do so well but [physical performance coach] David Robshaw maybe needs to do a few burpees for a punishment..."

Pets, Coronation Street & bedtime stories

Everton captain Danielle Turner says the squad have done "lots of quizzes" while she's used the lockdown to catch up on her "guilty pleasure" - Coronation Street.

"When we first went into lockdown I was a few months behind and I have caught up on that for the first time in years!" Turner told BBC Sport.

"I'm spending a lot of time on Netflix too. I've watched Tiger King, which was crazy, and the Stranger - I really enjoyed it. I've started Money Heist so that's my new one. I've got through a lot!"

Some of her team-mates have used their pets to help with workouts but Turner says her dog is too big to lift and "always wants to get in the way" when she trains outside.

The team are also keeping busy supporting Everton In The Community, making calls to local supporters, which Turner says is something she "really enjoys" as it's "nice to keep in touch".

And forward Simone Magill even read a bedtime story on Twitter.

Meanwhile at Arsenal...

Switzerland international Lia Walti has been practising her juggling skills using toilet roll, while Australian Caitlin Foord has been 'DJing' in her kitchen...