West Bromwich Albion chief executive Mark Jenkins takes temporary 100% pay cut

West Bromwich Albion chief executive Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins returned to West Bromwich Albion as chief executive in February 2018, having previously held the role between 2010 and 2016

West Bromwich Albion chief executive Mark Jenkins has said he will not receive pay while the UK is in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Executives and management at a number of clubs have taken pay deferrals for the period that football is suspended.

Football in England is currently suspended indefinitely.

Jenkins said that "other members of the senior management team have also offered to take significant reductions in their remuneration".

He told the club website:external-link "Making any long-term plans is now almost impossible, with the entire focus of the management team in guiding the club through this difficult time.

"What we are determined to do is to support our wonderful friends in the emergency services and in particular the NHS, which continues to help us all through this crisis.

"We are in a crisis which peace-time football has never had to face before and there is no way of knowing precisely what we will have to tackle further along the road.

"All I can promise is that everything we do in the weeks to come will be designed to ensure our club is in as strong a position as it has been possible to secure when football resumes."

Jenkins said the Championship club have "considered" furloughing non-playing staff and at this stage it was "not required to sanction this action", but the decision "may have to be changed" if football remains suspended for a longer period.

Under the government's job retention scheme, staff who are placed on temporary leave will receive 80% of their salary.

Jenkins added that Albion will "make up the 20% shortfall" if the club chooses to furlough staff.

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