'Last few weeks have been tough' - Linfield defender Quinn

Niall Quinn of Linfield
Niall Quinn's Linfield team are four points clear at the top of the Irish Premiership but the season has been put on hold until at least the end of April

Linfield defender Niall Quinn says the last couple of weeks have been "tough" after a team-mate tested positive for the Coronavirus.

"When we got the news that one of our players had contracted Covid-19 we were put in self-isolation immediately," said 26-year-old Quinn.

"A few others got tested and they all came back negative.

"It made me realise how serious it was. We were going about our day-to-day business, thinking 'that'll never happen to me', but next thing you know it hits at the core of our team, so there was shock.

"It's been tough in terms of training. We've all been given our individual training schedules, so we've been ticking over with that until we get back in together as a squad."

Quinn says he has been working hard to stay fit before being reunited with the squad.

"I take myself off to Mallusk Playing Fields and do some long-distance running, but I can do more intense, short running out in my back garden. It's not ideal, but it has to be done.

"You're expected to follow the schedule and you have to look after yourself."

The Blues full-back, who has made over 250 appearances for the club, says that players in the Irish Premiership and elsewhere are likely to feel the financial impact of coronavirus.

"It could be a worry for some players who might not be guaranteed their wages," he said.

"I haven't received any word but, as it stands, I'm still getting my wage.

"There is so much employment uncertainty at the moment and it's the same with football.

"It's a big burden to put on people who have mortgages to pay, so it's a worrying time for a lot of people."

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