Coronavirus: PFA Scotland warns against serving players ultimatums

Hearts captain Steven Naismith
Hearts players have been asked to take a pay cut to ease the financial burden at Tynecastle

The Scottish players' union is asking clubs to find "realistic outcomes" rather than "serving ultimatums".

The comments from PFA Scotland chief executive Fraser Wishart come after Hearts staff were asked to take a 50% cut in wages during the coronavirus shutdown.

Wishart made it clear that players are prepared to "do their bit".

"If we all work together we can find solutions which both sides are happy with," he said.

"We would implore the clubs to speak to the players to find achievable and realistic outcomes for the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in rather than serving ultimatums.

"We know that on the players side there is a willingness to do this. They will do their bit and consider all reasonable options including wage reductions or deferrals.

"However, they would only do so after full financial disclosure by the clubs. This is only fair and would, in the interests of transparency, allow fully informed financial decisions.

"It follows that there would also need to be clarity and assurances on future spending in the next transfer window from all clubs.

"This exercise cannot be allowed to be a mechanism for selective cancellation of valid employment contracts."