Cyrus Christie: Fulham defender criticises social media firms' inaction on racist abuse

Cyrus Christie
Cyrus Christie has made 19 appearances for Fulham this season

Fulham full-back Cyrus Christie has criticised social media companies' inaction on racist abuse.

The 27-year-old Republic of Ireland defender revealed racist abuse and death threats he received after their 5-1 defeat by Denmark in November 2017.

The Football Association of Ireland referred the posts to the police, while Christie said "nothing gets done".

He said: "I can understand why people don't pursue things, because you know that nothing is going to happen."

Speaking on The Counter Attack podcast, Christie added: "They (trolls) think they can get away with it, they hide behind profiles.

"I have had so many cases on there, the racism and stuff, it is just mad, but when you speak to them (social media companies), they are like 'oh well'.

"The club (Fulham) have a contact at Twitter and Facebook, so they speak to them and the police will have a connecting role.

"They [social media firms] are useless - they don't do anything. I've had so many things, but nothing gets done."

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