Storm Ciara: Wisbech Town does not have money to repair stand, says secretary

Wisbech Town FC's damaged stand in Cambridgeshire
Fenland Stadium was built in 2010 but the stand and goalposts were damaged by Storm Ciara

Wisbech Town's secretary admits the club does not have the money to repair the stand destroyed by Storm Ciara.

High winds hit the Cambridgeshire side's ground over the weekend and Spencer Larham fears the damage may not be covered by their insurance policy.

The non-league club will contact their insurers on Monday and Larham accepts they are "way down the pecking order".

"People have potentially lost houses or more important things than a stand at a football ground," he said.

Wisbech's Fenland Stadium was built in 2010 and the damaged stand must be cleared before supporters are allowed to access that part of the ground again.

"The money we'd need to replace that stand isn't the money we have lying around," Larham told BBC Radio 5 Live's Wake Up To Money programme.

"The stand has been there for 10 years but if it's not considered to be a permanent structure by the insurers then, potentially, we may not be insured for it.

"We consider it a permanent structure because it was designed and built to be there for as long as the ground was here."

The goalposts at that end were also damaged and must be repaired for the team to play Saturday's home game against Frickley Athletic in the Northern Premier League South East Division - the eighth level of the English football pyramid.

"It [the stand] is just lying there at the moment, it's a bit like a beached whale," Larham added. "We have to find some way or removing it - and that's another cost.

"We've got a home game this Saturday and that part of the ground isn't going to be usable as long as that's there. It's not safe, so people can't go near it.

"The goal was also tethered to the stand so the goalposts themselves have been bent backwards and need replacing as well."

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