Inquiry closed after claims Liverpool staff accessed Manchester City's scouting system

Liverpool are set to take over as Premier League champions from Manchester City this season

An inquiry into claims that employees of Liverpool accessed Manchester City's scouting database has been closed by the Football Association.

A settlement agreed by the two club was taken into account, the FA said.

Liverpool made a £1m payment to City in 2013, reported the Times, although neither side has commented on the case.

The FA said it had "carefully considered" information from both clubs and decided "not to progress the investigation".

"This is due to a number of factors including the age of the alleged concerns and the settlement agreed by the two clubs involved," it added.

"As per standard protocol, should the FA receive further information or evidence, the decision not to progress the investigation may be reviewed."

Liverpool are heading towards a first league title in 30 years as they hold a 22-point lead over City, who beat them by just one point last season.

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