Millwall v Reading: Investigation shows 'no evidence' of homophobic chanting, say Lions

Keith Stroud speaks with both managers during a halt in Millwall's win against Reading
Keith Stroud (right) spoke with both managers after receiving a complaint but Millwall say an investigation produced no evidence of homophobic chanting

Millwall say they have found "no evidence" to support allegations of homophobic chanting during their recent Championship win over Reading.

The game on 18 January was briefly halted by referee Keith Stroud and a half-time stadium announcement was made in line with advised protocol.

The club said a "thorough and exhaustive" investigation had produced no evidence to support the claims.

They added they were "outraged" by some media coverage which implied guilt.

"Such blatant misreporting is extremely harmful to the reputation of our supporters and to the efforts of the entire football family in fighting all forms of discrimination," a Millwall statement added.

"The club has already received apologies from some of the news organisations concerned and now anticipates similarly widespread reporting of this outcome to its investigation into the matter."