James Norwood: Ipswich Town striker smashes car window with rock after locking himself out

James Norwood
"Where can I get my window replaced?"

We've all had one of those mornings where nothing seems to go our way.

Put salt in your tea? Burnt your toast? Forgot to swap your slippers for shoes? What about locking yourself out of the house or car?

Well spare a thought for Ipswich Town striker James Norwood, who was forced to throw a rock through his own car window on Tuesday morning after doing just that.

"It's a big fine for being late [to training] so it was cheaper to smash a window," Norwood told BBC Sport.

So how did Norwood - who has scored 10 goals for the Tractor Boys this season - find himself in this situation?

"I put the battery on to defrost my window, closed the door and it locked," he said.

With his keys stuck inside the car, and unable to get back into his house, he then stood outside in "minus 87" degrees until he had his bright idea.

"The first rock hit the window and bounced off," he said.

"I'd been locked out for half an hour in minus 87 and when I tried to throw harder I couldn't feel my hands and released late and got my door, severely denting it.

"Third one went straight through and hit my other door."

James, we hope the rest of the day goes slightly better for you...

James Norwood Instagram story
James Norwood Instagram story