Irish Minister of Sport labels troubled FAI a 'basket case'

Irish Minister for Sport Shane Ross
Shane Ross expects the meeting with FAI officials on Monday night to be "very tense"

The troubled Football Association of Ireland has been described as a "basket case" by Minster of Sport Shane Ross.

Ross was speaking ahead of a meeting later on Monday with FAI officials after the governing body revealed it has liabilities of more than 55m euro.

It was also confirmed that former CEO John Delaney's severance settlement amounted to 462,000 euro, which included a pension payment.

Ross told RTE News that the situation facing the FAI was "really very grave".

He added: "They've been pushing for a meeting for several weeks and we got the message that it's very very urgent so we agreed to meet them.

"I will be listening to what they have to say, asking them about the financial situation, be asking them about the independent directors, why there are no independent directors appointed yet and why there is no exercise, no process for appointing an independent chief executive.

"I can't over-estimate how bad things are and they've brought it upon themselves.

"What I'm interested in is the future of Irish football, I'm not interested in the future of the FAI. It's a basket case, it's in a really grave place."

Last week, Ross said the government will consider a proposal to split the Football Association of Ireland in two.

He called for all board members connected with now-departed chief executive Delaney to leave the association to restore public trust.