Ex-Tanzania FA boss Jamal Malinzi guilty on one of 20 corruption charges

Jamal Malinzi
Jamal Malinzi was president of the Tanzania Football Federation between 2010 and 2017

Former Tanzanian Football Federation (TFF) president and Fifa committee member Jamal Malinzi has been found guilty on one of 20 corruption charges.

Malinzi was facing charges of embezzlement and money-laundering but was found guilty of document forgery.

The judge ordered Malinzi to pay a fine of approximately $220 or serve a two-year jail term

He had been on remand prison since June 2017 following his arrest by the country's Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau.

Although Malinzi has agreed to pay the fine, he maintained his innocence throughout the case and claimed that the charges 'were malicious'.

Last month he was sanctioned by world football's governing body, Fifa, for the misappropriation of funds and falsifying documents.

Fifa banned him from all football-related activities for 10 years and fined him over five hundred thousand US dollars.

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