Jamie Robinson and Louise Thompson made Fifa referees

Jamie Robinson
Jamie Robinson was asked to step in as fourth official for Manchester City's FA Cup tie with Rotherham United last season after assistant referee Peter Kirkup pulled up injured

Northern Ireland's Jamie Robinson and Louise Thompson have been named as the Irish Football Association's new Fifa referees for 2020.

Robinson will join Keith Kennedy, Ian McNabb and Tim Marshall as the IFA's male representatives.

Thompson is the IFA's sole female referee, although Victoria Finlay has become a Fifa assistant referee.

Fifa officials are eligible to take charge of international, Champions League and Europa League fixtures.

In Manchester City's FA Cup fourth round tie against Rotherham United last season, Irish Premiership referee Robinson was asked to step in as fourth official when linesman Peter Kirkup was injured during the game.

Ryan Kelsey and Andrew Nethery have been added to the Fifa panel as assistant referees, joining Stephen Donaldson, Gareth Eakin, David Anderson, Paul Robinson, Stephen Bell and Georgios Argyropoulos in the role.