Dave King: Rangers chairman to step down next year

King will step down from the Rangers board after a fresh round of funding
King will step down from the Rangers board after the next round of funding

Dave King is to step down as the chairman of Rangers next year after four-and-a-half years at the helm.

Major shareholder King made the announcement at the club's AGM in Glasgow.

The South Africa-based businessman was one of the leading figures in taking control of Rangers in 2015.

"I would not step down if the club continued to need my services and support. But it doesn't," King told shareholders.

Speaking to Rangers TV, he added: "It's the best financially and operationally that it's been since I first got involved 20 years ago. I think we're in a really good place right now."

He will continue to support the club as a shareholder and in negotiations with retail partner Sports Direct.

King announced there will be a new round of funding via a share issue, after which he will step down from the board.

The club's financial results indicated £10m was needed before the end of the season and King's investment vehicle, Laird Investments, has committed to meet any shortfall.

"Despite the personal trials and tribulations, I want to state that being the chairman of Rangers has been, by far, the greatest privilege of my business life and I will continue to use my shareholding influence to support the club and its board," King said.

Rangers' negotiations with Sports Direct over the terms of their retail agreement continue, and King was sanctioned by the Takeover Panel for acting "in concert" with George Letham, George Taylor and Douglas Park to acquire more than 30% of Rangers shares in 2015.

"I have stated in public many times before, being chairman of Rangers is not an experience I have been able to enjoy. It always remained a duty," King added.

"Dealing with the Sports Direct legal issues was extremely time consuming and frustrating. Mike Ashley's attempt to have me committed to jail for speaking ill of Sports Direct in a TV interview was certainly a low point.

"I now look forward to paying more attention to my South African and international businesses and to finally having the time to work with my children in the manner I had intended before my duty to Rangers put that plan on the backburner."

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