Bayern Munich 'shocked' after attacks on fans at Olympiakos youth match

Olympiakos v Bayern
Players gathered on the side of the pitch as the match was abandoned

Bayern Munich have made an official complaint to Uefa after their Youth League match against Olympiakos was abandoned because of crowd violence.

The German giants said several fans were taken to hospital after they were attacked by masked thugs during the match.

Bayern were leading 4-0 after 84 minutes when Tuesday's under-19 match was abandoned.

"The incident shocked us," said Bayern coach Martin Demichelis.

"Our thanks go to the players, the coach and the Olympiakos officials who took care of us after these events".

Police said 80 people arrived at the Rentis Athletic Centre in Piraeus on 40 scooters. About 30 of them, wearing masks or helmets, invaded the venue and assaulted Bayern fans with clubs.

"Olympiakos FC strongly condemns the attack during the match. The invaders have no place among the family of Olympiakos and have nothing to do with the family of Olympiakos," a statement from the club said.

Uefa confirmed it was investigating the incident.

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