Harvey Elliott: Liverpool winger suspended for 14 days over Harry Kane video

Harvey Elliott
Harvey Elliott played in the EFL Cup for Liverpool at MK Dons this season

Liverpool's Harvey Elliott has been banned from all domestic club football for 14 days after admitting derogatory language about Harry Kane in a video.

The winger joined Liverpool in July having become the Premier League's youngest player in May, appearing for Fulham aged 16 years and 30 days.

Elliott's social media video, for which he has since apologised, constituted an "aggravated breach" of FA rules.

He must also complete a face-to-face education course and pay a £350 fine.

Elliott, 16, posted the offensive video on Snapchat during Tottenham's Champions League final defeat by Liverpool on 1 June.

The player stated that the video was filmed at his friend's house, where he and seven of his friends, all aged 16 and fans of both Liverpool and Tottenham, were goading each other during the match.

He said he was unaware one of the terms he used mocked disabled people.

Liverpool sought to assure the Football Association that they take a zero tolerance approach to any forms of discrimination and said Elliott was spoken to as soon as the video circulated.

The meaning of the offensive words, and how they may be viewed by the general public, was explained to him. In addition, club captain Jordan Henderson, Kane's England team-mate, spoke to Elliott about his conduct.

The FA said the fact that the player had only recently turned 16 at the time of the video had been taken into mitigation, as had a previously clean disciplinary record and that he had not intended for his conduct to be viewed by the general public.

However, the governing body added that Elliott "needs to take responsibility for the fact that there was a risk that it would be and that in any event his conduct was unacceptable".

The decision of the three-person panel may be appealed against in accordance with the Non-Fast Track Appeal Regulations.

A Liverpool spokesman said: "Harvey's apology was sincere, immediate and unequivocal. He has acknowledged privately and publicly his actions were wrong.

"Given his age when this indiscretion was committed - in a private setting and prior to signing for us - we will continue to work with Harvey on an educational basis as relates to his conduct.

"He has already demonstrated to us a willingness to learn and live up to the values and conduct expected of a Liverpool player."

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