Jabo Ibehre: Cambridge United striker out with long-term knee injury

Jabo Ibehre in action for Cambridge
Jabo Ibehre has scored 14 goals in 73 appearances for Cambridge

Cambridge United striker Jabo Ibehre will be out for a "considerable time" after having a "major" knee operation, says U's manager Colin Calderwood.

The former Carlisle player, 36, had a cut in his knee which became infected.

Ibehre joins midfielder Gary Deegan, who is recovering from blood poisoning, on the sidelines.

"Both are extremely serious and been well dealt with by the medical staff, but unfortunately it doesn't matter how good that is," said Calderwood.

Asked if Ibehre would be sidelined for months rather than weeks, he told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: "I would think so, I think that's the early impression I've been given.

"A lot of recovery and healing to happen to begin with - the details of it are quite unusual."

Ibehre has been with Cambridge since May 2017 and has played four League Two games this season.