Bury fans flock to Gigg Lane in their hundreds on first Saturday after EFL expulsion

James Frith MP speaks to fans at Gigg Lane, Bury
Bury North MP James Frith addressed fans who turned up to Gigg Lane

Bury fans flocked to Gigg Lane on Saturday following their expulsion from the English Football League.

Around 500-1,000 fans turned up to what was described as a 'wake' by long-suffering fans on social media.

After initially staying outside, fans made their way into Gigg Lane where Bury North MP James Frith spoke.

Gigg Lane should have hosted a League One tie against Doncaster but after the Shakers lost their place on 27 August, fans turned up to mourn their club.

"Today is the recognition that life goes on. We do not walk away. Bury FC does not die," Frith said.

"We have got to accept that more than likely we will be playing football in lower leagues but we have been there before.

"I am not here to advocate a new club, I am here to advocate a new focus on the continuation of Bury FC, of football at Gigg Lane," he added.

"We have to keep the football at Gigg Lane alive. The EFL have made their decision, but your decision today from here is whether or not we keep Bury football club alive.

"Maybe not in the Football League for now but alive nonetheless."

Fans at the ground spoke of their "devastation" at losing their place in the league.

One supporter, Roberto Monetti, told BBC Sport: "I'm still finding it hard to come to terms with what's happened but it's good to see how the town has been united to fight this and keep Bury alive.

"No matter what division they are in next season I'm sure myself and the massive group of people who are here today will continue to support them."

The club was expelled by the EFL after a takeover bid collapsed. The EFL said it had not been given evidence that Bury had financial viability.

Bury told BBC Sport on Friday they were "actively considering" legal action against the EFL.

Timeline: Bury expelled from the EFL

  • 30 July: EFL suspends first Bury game of season as club are asked to prove financial viability
  • 9 Aug: Bury are given until 23:59 BST on Friday, 23 August to provide "clarity required" as third game is called off
  • 20 Aug: Sixth Shakers game suspended, while owner Steve Dale rejects offer to buy club
  • 23 Aug: Bury granted extension until 17:00 BST on Tuesday, 27 August after bid from C&N Sporting Risk
  • 27 Aug: EFL expel Bury after C&N Sporting Risk withdraws interest
  • 29 Aug: Bury claim EFL will not rescind expulsion, despite the club revealing a further £7m takeover bid
  • 30 Aug: Bury write to EFL as club "actively considers" legal action

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