Marlon Pack: Cardiff City midfielder facing two months out with leg injury

Cardiff midfielder Marlon Pack leaves the field injured in last Sunday's loss at Reading
Cardiff midfielder Marlon Pack was injured early in last Sunday's loss at Reading

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock fears that midfielder Marlon Pack could be out for up to two months.

The 28-year-old was a key signing from Bristol City on transfer deadline day.

He was forced off during the first half of Sunday's 3-0 defeat at Reading with a leg injury and was absent from Wednesday's 2-1 win over Huddersfield.

"It looks bad to me, I think the physio said that it could be a couple of months, which will be a nightmare for us," Warnock told BBC Sport Wales.

"You do begin to think your luck is running out as a manager, I must admit, because with Pack on Sunday we looked so good - composed and in charge - and then one mistake when he's come off and we've collapsed.

"If I was a young manager I would probably have panicked a little bit after Sunday, but I don't think it's time to panic.

"We said a few words on Tuesday and then we trained today - the first time we've ever trained on a match day.

"But I thought it was important to have a long meeting yesterday and say a few truths, and to get a response like that [against Huddersfield] I'm really pleased."