Phil Parkinson: Bolton Wanderers boss urges Laurence Bassini to 'leave club alone'

Phil Parkinson looks on
Phil Parkinson's Bolton are on -11 points after drawing with Coventry

Bolton Wanderers boss Phil Parkinson has urged Laurence Bassini to "leave the club alone" after he was awarded a court order blocking its sale.

A protracted takeover by Football Ventures had been "on the brink of completion" before a court granted the order on Thursday.

The League One Trotters have been in administration since May.

"It's up to the people behind the scenes to do their bit," Parkinson said after Bolton's draw with Coventry.

He told BBC Radio Manchester: "No more messing about, get your heads together quickly and sort this mess out because everybody is absolutely sick and tired of it.

"Mr Bassini, leave us alone, please leave us alone. Leave this great club alone to get on with building its future back together."

In 2013, former Watford owner Bassini was given a three-year ban from being involved in a position of authority with any EFL club.

He initially agreed a deal to buy Bolton from former owner Ken Anderson in April, only for his purchase to fall through in May when he failed to provide proof of funds.

A summer of uncertainty followed at the University of Bolton Stadium as some players went five months without being paid, while the club fielded no senior players and a starting line-up with an average age of 19 against Coventry on Saturday - in a game which was only confirmed as going ahead the day before.

Parkinson added: "I feel as a staff, myself and all the staff who were coming in without being paid, they have done their bit.

"Now people, whether it's the administrators, new people buying the club, the trustees, the old owners of the club, whoever it is - come on, get yourself sorted and get this mess sorted out quickly."