Uefa 'fully trust' Scottish FA to deal with historic child sexual abuse

By Chris McLaughlinBBC Scotland sports news correspondent

Uefa has contacted the Scottish FA regarding historic child sexual abuse in Scottish football.

It comes after European football's governing body received a number of complaints related to the issue.

The SFA commissioned an independent review into the matter in 2017, with the interim report highlighting almost 100 recommendations.

"We fully trust in the capacity of the SFA to deal with this situation," Uefa said in a statement to BBC Scotland.

Celtic have started their own investigation following a number of cases involving Celtic Boys Club, with several of the victims angry at the club's refusal to acknowledge blame or issue an apology.

The Scottish champions did express "regret and sorrow" 10 days after a former youth coach was jailed for a series of child sex abuse crimes in May.

Uefa 'unlikely to interfere further' - analysis

It's rare for European football's governing body to get involved in the affairs of a national association, especially when it comes to off-field matters.

The SFA seems satisfied that it's merely procedural and says that contact has been ongoing in relation to its independent report.

Much of Uefa's interest, though, has been triggered by complaints made by those who feel the footballing authorities have not done enough in relation to child sexual abuse in Scottish football.

It's difficult to tell just how far Uefa's interest in the matter goes, but it is very unlikely to interfere further. That will satisfy the SFA, but there are others who may feel that Uefa's correspondence, in itself, could be seen as a shot across the bows of the SFA in an attempt to remind a national association that it takes these matters extremely seriously.

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