Wife goals: The Swansea City team-mates who got married

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Mrs and Mrs Adams: The team-mates who have 'always got each other's backs'

There are footballing families and sporting siblings, relatives who have excelled in the ring, inside the ropes or on the court.

But there are not too many married couples who play in the same team.

At Swansea City Ladies, however, there are pegs in the dressing room for Mrs and Mrs Adams.

Kelly Adams is a utility player who is happiest in central midfield.

By her side on the pitch, as was the case when they exchanged vows last summer, is Sarah Adams, a right winger who was once capped by Wales.

"We have always got each other's back," Sarah tells BBC Sport Wales.

"On the field or off the field, it's nice to know we have got each other if something happens."

"And you always pack my bag," adds Kelly through a smile. "I can't remember the last time I packed my own bag."

Kelly Adams and Sarah Adams
Kelly Adams (L) and Sarah Adams (R) celebrate with their Swansea City Ladies team-mates

Kelly, 28, is a PE teacher who hails from Swansea and joined the Swans Ladies as a kid.

Sarah, who is 27, is a carer from Port Talbot. She signed for Swansea a decade ago.

"We had played together for the Boys and Girls Club of Wales, but it was when I joined the Swans that we got to know each other more," Sarah explains.

It was a while before romance blossomed, however, with the couple celebrating five years together last January.

"One day we just said let's give it a go and now we're married," Sarah says.

"We went to visit your nan first because she was ill and then we went to the cinema. The rest is history," Kelly adds.

Kelly Adams
Kelly Adams is capable of playing in a number of positions but is happiest in central midfield

It was not long before word of the relationship spread around the dressing room.

"It's hard to keep a secret when you play football," Kelly says.

"But it's not a bad thing. It was a joyous occasion when everyone knew."

When the boots are on, the couple do their best to treat each other like they would any other team-mate.

"If I hug Sarah, she's like: 'Get off me'," Kelly says. "But we are all close in the squad. I'll hug the rest of the girls instead."

Kelly and Sarah have never played against each other and hope it will never happen.

They are often on opposing sides on the training ground, though.

"I have shouted at Kelly for not passing a couple of times," Sarah says.

"I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of one of her tackles," adds Kelly. "If I barge her off the ball in training, I am in the doghouse later."

Efforts are made to ensure events on the football field do not have an impact on home life.

The rule is that if the Swans Ladies have lost, the game is not discussed beyond the car journey home.

"But if it's been a good game we talk about it all night," Kelly says.

It was Sarah who suggested that the couple should go on a date, but Kelly took the lead when it came to proposing marriage.

The Swans Ladies were coming to the end of a pre-season trip to America when Kelly took centre stage.

Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams has played for Wales once, against Portugal in the Algarve Cup

Everyone in a 50-strong tour party - including team manager Ian Owen - knew what was happening apart from Sarah.

"We pretended to have a photo after a game," Kelly remembers.

"I said to Ian: Sarah has to sit in the middle in the front and I will go behind her.

"When everyone walked away, I was there on one knee with a ring and bawling my eyes out."

Owen, who has been part of the Swans Ladies set-up for almost two decades, says the Adams' marriage is irrelevant when it comes to football.

"They are no different from any other players in the team - they wouldn't like to be treated differently," he says.

"They were great fiends and to see the relationship grow like it did was fantastic.

"When Kelly proposed, I don't think there was a dry eye - including me. It was a great occasion. You couldn't help but get emotional."

More than half the squad flew to Malta last July for the wedding.

As the Adams' celebrate their first anniversary, Owen jokes that he has not seen "any domestics" yet.

Indeed, they do not even disagree on who is the better player.

"She is," Kelly says. "I just tackle and pass. She can dribble past people and cross the ball."

"She's right," Sarah says.

"We've got that on tape - I'm right," Kelly adds with a grin.

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