Women's World Cup: meet the personalities in the Scotland squad

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Women's World Cup: England v Scotland
Venue: Allianz Riviera, Nice Date: Sunday, 9 June Kick-off: 17:00 BST
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BBC Scotland asked veteran midfielder Jo Love to reveal all about the first Scotland squad to compete at a World Cup in 21 years and here's her verdict...


Lee Alexander

She's a bit of a faffer. She's so intelligent but takes forever to do anything. She's always last out of the changing room, she'll be painting her nails or something despite the fact she's got gloves on all the time and is getting her fingers bashed up. We're quite close and I get to see the best and worst of her but she's always quite placid.

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Jenna Fife

She's very quiet. She keeps in the background and she's still young but she's grown so much since she first came into the squad.

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Shannon Lynn

She's a bit of an angel. So caring. I don't think she believes in herself enough and she's always looking out for everyone else rather than focusing on herself. She's been in this squad for a long time and been patient but never even said one bad word despite being effectively second choice for so long. Patience of a saint.

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Chloe Arthur

Her and Jen [Beattie] are vegans, so we like to rip them a bit for that. She's funny. Her, Caroline [Weir] and Claire [Emslie] have got their own wee group and are constantly giggling at everything.

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Jen Beattie

It would be a shame if all I could say is that she is a vegan, so I'll say she's a gentle giant. She goes about her business and goes home and you don't really see or hear much from her apart from that.

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Rachel Corsie

Oh my, her American accent... We like to watch videos as a squad of her doing interviews over there and trying to make out what she's saying. It's unreal sometimes, but she's a great leader and has taken on so much more responsibility than she had to.

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Nicola Docherty

Dozy Nicola. So clumsy, but just dozy. She comes out with things and you're like, 'what?!' She is in a wee world of her own sometimes. At City, if she's away with the fairies, you can tell if it's one of the days the second you see her; just the way she's acting. She'll deny it but we can all see it.

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Sophie Howard

I was standing with head coach Shelley Kerr at training the other day and Sophie clattered someone and Shelley said, 'you know she's German' - she would tackle her granny. She split her head once and it was wide open, she needed like 20 stitches, but she's hard as nails. Off the pitch, though, she's so quiet and lovely. On it, she'd tackle you by the neck.

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Hayley Lauder

Fancies herself as a bit of a joker. Actually really quite intelligent and tells jokes that are probably a bit advanced for some of us. She's just daft.

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Joelle Murray

You get into trouble if you're her room-mate and don't stick to the rules. She's in with Hayley [Lauder] but she's one of my best friends. We go on holiday together with Hayley usually. We don't go back to work at the end of July so we're hoping to go away somewhere. She goes under the radar but is keeping an eye on everything that happens. Definitely in charge.

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Kirsty Smith

Really shy but a genuinely lovely girl. Wouldn't say a bad word about anyone. Likes to look all stunning on Instagram. She's probably our poster girl.

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Lizzie Arnot

Lizzie's cakes - they're so good, she's got an Instagram for them. Very talented. Mind you, our apartment when we were in Spain beat hers in a cake-making competition. We made a marble cake and it was magnificent.

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Leanne Crichton

I love her. It's black or white with Crichto - she says things as they are. When we're in the room, we have a good laugh and she knows how to be a bit crazy but she's very down to earth and brings us all back down with a bump. You don't really notice her in the room. She goes to sleep with the TV on, doesn't snore, quite tidy, no complaints. We've been room-mates for the past year or so now.

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Kim Little

I don't know if anyone knows about Kim. Even us. She's so reserved. She had a barbecue in London for us once and that was the most I'd ever spoken to her because when she's with the squad, her and Jen [Beattie] are in the room with the candles on. Kim likes to bring a candle with her and a book to read.

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Jo Love

Do I have to do me? I think people will say I'm a pest because sometimes I'm quite outspoken and say things that I think are funny but probably aren't. They'll probably say I've been here too long and should retire. But I'm not ready to chuck it yet. I'll just keep turning up anyway...

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Christie Murray

Another one who is completely different off the pitch. She's so laid back. She's the smallest in the squad, although Kim [Little] and Erin [Cuthbert] were fighting in the group chat about who was the second smallest...

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Caroline Weir

She is pure sassy, which is a good thing by the way. She likes her nails, makeup, eyebrows, teeth, the whole lot to be done right. I always say to her, 'look good, feel good, Cacks' and she agrees with that.

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Fiona Brown

She's forever falling over. She's always on her bum. She's crazy but in a great way. I've played with her for a long time and she's always just so full of energy, bouncing about and can't keep still. She has this habit of saying little Australian phrases - 'Skippy, get out of the water' and 'You're a fish, not a kangaroo' but those are the only two she can say in an Australian accent. It just ends up sounding like Corsie's American...

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Lana Clelland

Fluent in Italian, which impresses me. I'd always like her to talk it around the place but she doesn't. She's really shy, I think, but I don't really know why she is because she's got loads to shout about.

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Erin Cuthbert

Wee Ez, my fave. I'm her Auntie Jo. She's not a diva. She's confident without being cocky. The girl knows what she wants and goes out and smashes it. I've known her since she used to kick the ball around at half-time during Scotland games as a wee mascot. She's kind of a wee old woman because her chat sometimes is unbelievable and she likes cups of tea and sleeping. She'll tell you she's sophisticated but you don't get sophisticated people from Irvine.

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Claire Emslie

Trying to pin her down is impossible. She's constantly buzzing, constantly speaking, she's like one of those wind-up toys that you just let go. Maybe over the top at times, but she just loves life and being here.

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Lisa Evans

She gave a wee rendition of happy birthday to Hayley [Lauder] today on the bus over the microphone. She said she was trying to do sexy singing but basically she was just whispering into the microphone. She likes to be centre of attention and will literally do anything for a laugh. She's in charge of the speaker - the DJ - although Lee [Alexander] has taken that on a bit recently. Someone said to her the other day, 'you're so annoying, but I love you so much', and that sums it up.

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Jane Ross

She's in charge of the fines. We started quite strict with the fines and bought a speaker with them, then it fell away after that. She is a top, top professional, though. I don't think she's got any body fat; she's a machine. But she can be so moody at times if things don't go her way. I went out to Sweden to visit her and they got beat that day and she refused to eat or talk or come out. I had to sit watching her moping. In the main, though, she's pretty laid back.

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